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Nanachi render, 3d print & 3d model set (+.sfm&.blend&vrc avatar)

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Nanachi render, 3d print & 3d model set (+.sfm&.blend&vrc avatar)

21 ratings

This jpg set includes 30+ 3k+ resolution jpg renders of Nanachi in two poses, standing and a more dynamic one waving. There are multiple variations with different outfit parts (pulled up vest, helm on or off, pants, etc) There is some amount of nsfw content (naked, closeups)

The exclusive psd set includes all the renders from the jpg set in psd files at 6k+ resolution with all layers and masks intact plus a new set in bikini and wizard hat and staff props, these have both normal and some nsfw variations too. A total of 40+ UHD psds&jpg!

The 3d print tier includes everything from the psd set + STL files for 3d printing her in the waving pose, already split into parts for easy print and assembly, includes assembly reference. Please note that this is a complex hobby grade print with many thin and complicated pieces (particularly on the coat and helm) expect some DIY and finessing required.

The 3d model tier includes:

  • Exclusive psd render set (40+ UHD psd&jpg)
  • STL 3d print files
  • 3d model files*
  • sfm model files
  • blender model files
  • vrc avatar files

*model file in T pose (fbx) ~70-130 k tris (depending on outfit and accessory combinations), includes the following:

  • Nanachi
  • Full helm with complete parts (visor, gold ring straps, detailed fur coat & wooden planks)
  • Pants with waist cloth (pockets have a lip piece, but are not hollow)
  • Optional scarf & pulled up reversed waist cloth
  • Bikini (top&bottom pieces with strings & laces)
  • Wizard props (hat with decorations and Nanachi signature underside, wooden staff with artifact gemstone)
  • Blue outfit from s2 (helmet with fur coat and horns, blue pants with waist cloth)

Simple blush mesh part included. All pieces are removable fully modeled and separate so any combination of them or total removal is possible. Mouth and nether regions with cavities are modelled too. Textures in psd and png formats for max quality 4k res fully handpainted.

This model now includes an sfm version with both outfits (default clothes & bikini). These are bonus files and provided as is, no guarantee or support is provided. Sfm port by @MrSquidBoi (updated to 1.01)

This model now includes a blender version with all outfits (default clothes & blue clothes, bikini). These are bonus files and provided as is, no guarantee or support is provided. Blender port by @CaptainFlapcats (updated to 2.3)

This model now includes an avatar for VRChat (Includes both regular clothes & the new blue gear outfit) these are bonus files and provided as is, no guarantee or support is provided. Avatar is for private use and is not allowed to be uploaded publicly. Uses the phys bones system. More info on the readme file. Port by @MrBalfrog

The blender source file used for the vrchat avatar is also included, both with a sfw&nsfw presets, for those that want to further edit the avatar easily.

Please note that this vrc has not been tested for the original quest hardware, tri count and other restrictions may apply.

Please note the base model (fbx) is not rigged.

Files sold under personal use only

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