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New chan free 3d model (+.blend & .pmx&vrc avatar)

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Use code 'NEWCHAN' on checkout for a free download you may leave a tip if you prefer.

New chan is a detailed 3d model based on @LK00's OC and made freely available for everyone

Designed, modelled and rigged with the utmost care and detailed features we hope you'll like her

The 3d model features:

  • 3D model files*
  • blender file
  • mmd model files
  • vrc avatar files

*model file in T pose (fbx) 60~100k tris depending on outfit configuration with great topology. Includes the following:

  • Body with leotard bodysuit & thighigh boots.
  • Hoodie with hood down & up options.
  • Mecha robot legs with retractable propulsors.
  • Mecha katana with openable sheath.
  • Advanced features such as adjustable body&chest proportions, neon emissive materials, seamless texture blending that maintains an anime style even on extreme poses & more -some features are limited to the blender format-

All pieces are removable, fully modeled and separate so any combination is possible; mouth and nether regions cavities are modeled too and prepared for nsfw use. Textures in psd and png formats for max quality.

(the v1.1 blender rig is a modification of the base 1.0 version which incorporates some extra face expressions used on the pmx version)

(the v1.1 mmd rig fixes a small mistake on the ponytail over v1.0 which is no longer available)

(the v1.01 vrc rig fixes a small problem with blueprints over v1.0 which is no longer available)


Read included files for more info, tips & license


Character design : @Cawang117

Illustration : @Victim_Girls

Modelling : @RaulBP87

Blender Rigging : @CaptainFlapcats

MMD Rigging : @Xgonngivit

VRC port: @4runnerz1

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New chan free 3d model (+.blend & .pmx&vrc avatar)

467 ratings
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