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Mirko render & 3d model set (+.pmx&.sfm&.blend)

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Mirko render & 3d model set (+.pmx&.sfm&.blend)

33 ratings

This set includes 35+ 3k resolution jpg renders of rabbit hero Mirko in her hero outift. Featuring two poses, kicking and standing with posed arms, with two expressions, a furious one and a cool elegant one. Both poses include variations such as without stockings, topless, naked, messy and having fun with toys. There is also a silly catgirl variation.

The exclusive psd set includes everything in psd files at 6k+ resolution with all layers and masks intact plus a whole new set of her in a white bunny suit with high heels and stockings, and a reverse bunny meme outfit with stockings and arms covered but body uncovered. For a total of 51 UHD psds

The 3d model tier includes:

  • Exclusive psd render set (51 UHD psds)
  • 3d model files*
  • pmx model files
  • sfm model files
  • advanced blender files

*.obj and .fbx model file of her in T pose with the normal hero outfit. ~45k tris with great topology. Model includes mouth cavity with teeth and tongue, as well as cavities for for the nether regions. Fully modeled under clothes so all pieces are removable separately. Texture and normal map files in psd format are included for max quality and modifiability.

Personal use license

This model a .pmx for MMD (hero outfit and a small bikini). Provided by RWBYMMD (pmx version was tested with raycast). These extra files are provided as is and no guarantees or support is provided about them. Some fixes and improvements to the .pmx version were kindly provided by MrJinSenpai

This model includes an sfm version. (only regular hero outfit) This was ported by MrSquidBoi. These extra files are provided as is and no guarantees or support is provided about them. 

This model now includes a blender version. This extremely versatile rig features layers, physics simulations, face and pose libraries, tongue&special controls and real time mocap capabilities for face-it and hallway tile, and more. This blender version also includes the white bunnysuit aside from the regular hero outfit.

Blender rig by @realBeyondDev

Please check the readme inside for feature documentation

Please note the base model (obj, fbx) is not rigged

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