Midna render & 3d model set (+.pmx&vrc avatar)

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This jpg set includes 50 3k resolution jpg renders of Midna from Zelda Twilight Princess in her iconic imp form with her crown helm and twilight hair powers. There are two poses, one posing dynamically and another sitting leg spreaded. She has a couple expressions, smiling with her fang poking out and with a mischievous mouth tongue out. Both of the poses have many different variations with different hair shapes and accessories, both sfw and nsfw. All variations also include her normal body and a more nsfw body with nipples. All variations also feature her without helmet with both eyes and hair visible!

The exclusive psd set includes everything in psd files at 6k+ resolution with all layers and masks intact plus a whole new set of her in futanari, for a total of 67 UHD psds

The 3d model tier includes:

  • All the 67 UHD psd renders
  • 3D model files*
  • pmx files
  • vrc avatar files

* obj/fbx model file of her in T pose with the helmet and hair ~33k tris with great topology. Model includes mouth cavity with teeth and tongue, as well as cavities for for the nether regions. Fully modeled under the helmet with complete hairstyle so its removable. Included as separate meshes are nipples, genitals and futanari parts, as well as a different face and eye style. Texture and normal map files in psd format are included for max quality.

This model now also includes a .pmx conversion with rig for MMD. This was graciously provided by a 3rd person(s) that shared his own conversion work. As such these extra files are provided as is and no guarantees or support is provided about them. 

This model now includes an avatar for VRChat (both sfw&nsfw body types, working hair hand, optional see through helm stencil, glow patterns) these are bonus files and provided as is, no guarantee or support is given. Avatar is for private use and is not allowed to be uploaded publicly. Uses SDK 3.0. This vrc version also includes the source blender file used for the package for advanced users. More info and installation details such as shader details in the readme file. Port by @MrBalPal

Please note that this vrc has not been tested for the original quest hardware.

Please note that the base model (obj/fbx) is not rigged.

Files sold under personal use only

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Midna render & 3d model set (+.pmx&vrc avatar)

16 ratings
I want this!